School Resources

There is so much we can all do to reduce the amount of plastic that finds its way into our seas.

Why not come along to our beach clean or go to one of the many being organised across the UK and beyond?

Get your class involved with our activity filled lesson plans:

An Introduction to Plastic Pollution
Class workshop – for children aged 4-8
Plastic Bag Journey – Workshop Activity 3


Get informed:

There are lots of great guide to living without plastic but this is our favourite

Loads of information here

Get Plastic Clever with Kids Against Plastic

Learn about sustainable fish with Marine Stewardship Council


Get inspired

– Read about the amazing Plastic Oceans film and host a screening near you!

– Watch The Smog of The Sea and experience the one week journey through the waters of the Sargasso Sea with citizen scientist on a mission to assess the fate of plastic in the world’s oceans

– Watch the work of our inspirational partners, Social Plastic


Get active

– Take part in a beach clean up near you with your school or your friends in the UK or elsewhere.
– Take a look at the plastic you use and then try to cut down where you can.
– Write to your politician or contact a company that you think needs to use less plastic
– Tweet a company to encourage them to use social plastic

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