This show is about Nuclear Energy – and I play a fantastic debate which I chaired with Jonathon Porritt and Stephen Tindale, about whether we need nuclear energy.  Its great fun, both great speakers, and some great questions from the audience and from a few friends – including Sir Stuart Rose.  If you want to learn about nuclear power, tune in! Also some great short snippet videos from the debate here and here


I interview Jenny Jones about fracking – she explains why the Green Party do not support fracking in the UK – not only because it leads to destruction of land, and increased pollution and greenhouse gases. She also talks about how the value of fracking in the UK has been vastly overestimated, and why solar is the answer, with a huge untapped opportunity at schools across the UK.


In this show I talk about the historic Paris Agreement that was agreed on the 12th December 2015 – a day we will all remember. I interview Mark Kenber CEO of the Climate Group and Dr Stephen Cornelius, Chief Advisor on Climate Change to WWF-UK.


In this show I give an update on the climate talks at COP21 Paris, and interviews with Caroline Lucas and the cyclists on the Time to Cycle ride to Paris


Tonight I talk about the marches on the weekend before COP21 in Paris and also about the meeting itself which opened today.


This show talks about COP21, why the talks are important to all of us, and how we can all show our support and that we care about our environment. I also talk about how the Paris attacks have impacted some of the planned demonstrations and the link between the talks and the attacks themselves. Plus I play the Love Song to the Earth song from Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi and others which raises funds for several environmental groups. But don’t worry this will be the only time I ever play a Paul McCartney track!


How to have a green Christmas! I talk to Zero Waste Queen Rachelle Strauss about how to reduce the impact of your Christmas on the environment and ensure that your presents have a positive impact on those you give them to, as well as those who made them! We talks christmas trees, cards, wrapping paper and gifts, also about food and waste. really useful tips abound! Listen in and enjoy!


I interview Zac Goldsmith about the third runway and also we talk about fracking.


In tonights show I interview Lydnsey Boswell CEO of fantastic charity Fareshare who tackle food waste by rescuing good food from food companies and get it to frontline charities. I also interview Gavin Ellis from innovation think tank Hubbub who are changing how people think about the environment and issues likes food waste, and helping them save food and have fun at the same time! And just so you know, no parsnips were hurt in the making of this show – in fact these parsnips went to Fareshare and so were all eaten in the end.


This 45 minute Green Wandsworth podcast is about Hypnobirthing. No swinging clocks were used during the recording of this show! I interview the fantastic Rosie Goode, certified hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing expert who explains what hypnobirthing is, how anyone can use the techniques and why it can be better for your baby than some of the more traditional techniques and drugs used. Listen in, its fascinating stuff, and perhaps not as hippy/new age as you might expect!


This Green Wandsworth podcast is about Reusable Nappies. I interview Hilary Vick who works for Real Nappies for London, and is a real expert on all things reusable for babies not just nappies! We talk nappy libraries/rental services and laundry services and the benefits of going reusable over disposable, not just for the environment, and your wallet, but for baby – including helping with potty training and reducing the incidence of nappy rash.


This Green Wandsworth podcast is about cycling in the city! I interview Andrew Gilligan, London’s cycling commissioner and decide I want his job! I also give a good overview of the forthcoming plans which Boris and his team have put in place to encourage cycling and make it more safe in London.


This Green Wandsworth podcast is about recycling in Wandsworth. I get down and dirty in the mixed recycling facility at Smugglers Way in Wandsworth, and learn about what they do and don’t want people to recycle. More interestingly I learn exactly how recycling correlates to our fantastically low council tax.


This is our very first Green Wandsworth show so you can enjoy spotting the mistakes I made in the studio! In this podcast I interview Councillor Jonathan Cooke about cycling in Wandsworth and also pose some questions to him from some local cycling groups.