My work

1. Development of projects to change the world


  • Get in touch if you want to change the world and you need some help.  I might be able to help or if not, I might be able to put you in touch with someone who can help more than I can.



2. Start up support and investment


  • Non-executive/advisory and funding support for exceptional young businesses tackling key issues in sustainability (please email us for more details)
  • Connection with an elite network of individuals, expert advisors, companies, funders and game changers in the sustainability and tech fields

3. Strategic development of sustainability programmes beyond the incremental


  • Analysis of current position, potential and ambition
  • Review of the business case for sustainability at your organization
  • Development of objectives and goals
  • Development of plans to achieve goals
  • Support embedding sustainability within the business
  • IPO support



4. Event and publication support


  • Available for interviews, events and commissioned articles on wide range of sustainability issues